Michael A. Popp's main aim is to increase people's quality of life, giving them "something to keep for life". In doing so,

he combines two decisive personalities: that of a researcher promoting science and that of a messenger who calls on people

to do good so that they can receive it in turn. His feeling of personal responsibility for nature goes back a long way; it is not

only his profession – it is his vocation. As a visionary and revolutionary, as a father and company founder, but especially as a human

being, he advocates health derived from the power of nature as a basic human right.


Michael A. Popp's guiding principle gives the foundation its inspiration and objective:


the members of Michael A. Popp Nature Science Foundation strive for a future in which people all over the world will achieve

a better quality of life as a result of better health. This can only be done by preserving knowledge on the effects and power

of medicinal plants for posterity, understanding it and making it accessible to others. Every one of us is responsible for our

joint future and needs to act now to safeguard our health and the knowledge of how to preserve it in the future.



Nature works.