Many years ago it was one person's vision to go out into the world to understand nature. Back then, that person – Professor Michael Popp – exceeded the narrow boundaries of scientific research in order to gain new experience, to fill gaps and to build bridges; he wanted to bring about a connection between humankind and nature. It takes an intelligent combination of science, medicine and industry to bring us closer to this version of medicine, i.e. one that makes use of the full potential of nature.      
His entrepreneurial activities and research, with their philosophical background, gradually convinced Popp that his life's work should be continued by a foundation established for that purpose. The idea of the foundation arose from the realisation that one man's life is too short to carry out such a momentous task. 
The Michael A. Popp Nature Science Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting phytopharmaceutical research. It particularly promotes interdisciplinary projects that further our comprehension of the relationships between human beings, nature and health. The aim is an increased understanding of nature and its healing potential for human beings, especially outside the narrow view of traditional pharmaceutical research.