Michael Popp Institute


The Michael A. Popp Nature Science Foundation will be making more than 3.5 million euros available to Innsbruck University over the next 5 years in order to finance the Michael Popp Institute. This endowment capital will be bolstered by the additional sum of over 1.5 million euros from the State of Tyrol. This means that two endowed professorships with the additional staff required can be established.


The Michael Popp Institute wants to appeal to experienced researchers in the field of Green Science and Phytoneering, as well as doctoral students and active young researchers wanting to teach and learn. For the institute, prospective winners of the Michael A. Popp Nature Science Foundation award are important target persons for generating and developing ideas and solutions.


The institute constitutes a form of information exchange for the research community. Science is not just a job for the institute's employees – it is their passion. By conducting research into medicinal plants, they are giving something back to the world which in the long run will render a service to humankind. To them, good health is not something to take for granted. Each employee of the institute must consciously bear responsibility for developing sustainable natural medicine to ensure that people can achieve a better quality of life. The link to nature and what everyone can learn from it is the guiding principle of the institute.



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